Refuta Refractories Co.,Ltd.

  • Founded in 2005
  • National High-Tech Company
  • 35000 m2 World Class Factory
  • 2200 m2 R & D Center
  • Lining Design and Engineering Service
  • Leader Refractory Brand in China Aluminum Industry
  • More Than 1000 Customers and Project Experience
  • nationwide sales network and service cover the Asian-Pacific region
  • Hold the global advanced technologies and Patent Products
  • Particular Lining Simulation System
  • National Innovation Fund and Leading Entrepreneurial Talent Project
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  • Concentrate on Refractories and Solutions for Foundry & Non-Ferrous Alloy Melting
  • Specialized on analysis, guide and solve the technical problem
  • ISO 9001, excellence products and services
  • Best materials collocation, structure design and energetics analysis
  • Quick reply to customers and nationwide sales network
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  1. Reverberating Melting AL Furnace and Holding AL Furnace
  2. Aluminum Recycle Industry
  3. Tower Fasting Melting Furnace and Foundry Holding Furnace
  4. Zinc Melting and Holding Furnace
  5. Coreless Furnace Melting Iron and steel
  6. Coreless Furnace Melting nonferrous
  7. Transferring Ladle, Degassing Box, Filtering Box and Launder
  8. Primary Aluminum Industry
  9. Pre-cast Block
  10. Quick Setting, Maintaining Plastics and Castable
  11. Complementary Materials for Installation
  12. Other furnaces and equipments
  • Other furnaces and equipments
  • Other furnaces and equipments
  • Other furnaces and equipments
  • Other furnaces and equipments


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  1. Castable
  2. Dry Vibratables
  3. Pre-cast Block
  4. Plastics
  5. Quick-fire
  6. Wet Mortar
  7. Boron Nitride Coating
  8. Others


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